Geez, the holidays can be stressful enough with family, shopping, travel, etc. A cocktail or two can really come in handy when coping with the "Season of Joy".  So, what happens if there is a shortage of alcohol during this time?

During the holidays, more is better when it comes to adult beverages. But the forecast suggests that "less" is the word for this holiday season.

According to ABC7, Southern California is already seeing shortages due to the backlog, due to the pandemic, of orders and cargo ships sitting off the coast loaded with everything you can think of. Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach are two of the busiest ports in the country and account for about 40% of shipments coming into the U.S.

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Combine the backlog of goods at the ports with the lack of truck drivers and other essential workers, we see empty shelves wherever we go. Included in those shortages are alcohol and even the glass bottles much of it is packaged in.

The alcohol shortages are spreading across the country and could quite possibly affect the alcohol supply in liquor stores across Minnesota. This certainly would not be a good thing.

With some liquor stores unsure of what and when products will be delivered, many stores around the country are seeing lines of people outside their stores, and whatever booze they have in stock is flying off the shelves as people stock up for the holiday season.

Not everything is expected to be in short supply but the most popular of alcoholic beverages could be difficult to find.

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