Any parent can say without hesitation that making choices for their children can be difficult. But for Ryan Kennedy's parents, their choice has by far been the toughest. Ryan, age 9, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer when he was 4. Since then, he's undergone countless treatments, seven surgeries, and has been fighting the cancer battle everyday. When doctors told Ryan and his family they wanted to perform an eighth surgery...he said no.

His parents asked him over and over if he really wanted to give up, and he told them he did. He didn't want any more pills or pain from the surgeries and treatments. He just wanted to live out his life.

His parents are trying to do things Ryan wants to do to get him through his final days.

This is no doubt a horrific decision for any parent to make. They could be selfish and tell Ryan he has to have the surgery so they can hold on to him for a few more months. Or, they could give this 9-year old control of his own life and let him decide his future.

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There's also a CNN report with Ryan's mom that explains their decision below.