"Why do you live in Minnesota?"

How many times as a Minnesotan have you actually been asked that question? Too many to count is probably your answer. Right there with you. Our question back to anyone asking us that usually would be, why DON'T you live in Minnesota.

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We have all four seasons, sometimes in one day. We really do have 10,000+ lakes and it's the best place to be in the summer. There is lots of beautiful places to go hike, take a bike ride, ski and just take in the beauty. Not only that if you haven't experienced "Minnesota Nice" yet, wait, you will. Honestly, I could keep listing everything we love about our great state.

However, we also know there are a few things that are distinctly Minnesota, that those not from Minnesota like to tease us about, but we have embraced them with open arms. We even have a language that makes many scratch their heads...yah sure, you betcha, dontcha know! We love our state and we love all that comes a long with it, which is why I KNOW many of you will love everything I just found.

If you haven't heard of Ope Life before, you need a little bit of it in your life, like yesterday! Could really make great holiday gifts, or gift for any occasion for any Minnesotan. Anyway, came across them by chance on Facebook and the first few sweatshirts I saw made me feel heard:

Photo by Ope Life via Facebook
Photo by Ope Life via Facebook

The "DAMN COLD" is probably my favorite, but it appears to be sold out at this time, but while on their site, I came across some of the most relatable Minnesotan items I may have ever seen. OPE LIFE, explained themselves via their Facebook;

We make Minnesota Memes, and Minnesota meme accessories. Amazing stuff that only Minnesotans could relate too!

and I am telling you, relate you will. Here are a few to get the idea:

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"1991 Halloween Blizzard Survivor" merch

I was there, that's ME, I was 10 and definitely wore my snowsuit. But you can read more on that HERE if you'd like.



My boyfriend, who is from Texas originally, likes to make comments often on how I say 'bag' and tells me all the time, it sounds a LOT like the above merch.

All of THESE

"Welp, I spose" I should wrap this up. But I told you, most Minnesotan Merch you'll see today and I LOVE it! Betcha you do too.

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