FOLEY (WJON News) -- Benton County has announced that high-speed internet will be coming to some underserved parts of the county.

Benton Communications and the county are partnering to bring high-speed fiber broadband to some communities north of Highway 23.

The state of Minnesota has given Benton Communications $1.5-million in Border to Border grant money for the project. The county is contributing $1.1-million of American Rescue Plan Act money.

The 148 miles of fiber-optic broadband will bring high-speed internet service to 483 rural addresses.

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Work will begin this fall with completion estimated by June 2025.

The Benton County Board of Commissioners also pledged another $2-million of ARP funds as a local match for a second round of Border to Border grants for areas south of Highway 23.

The next round of state Border to Border grants will be announced this summer.





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