Lots of people flock to area gardens to see some of the most beautiful flowers and plants that Minnesota has to offer. I flock to my parents farm, as my Mom & Dad take a lot of time planting flowers each year, and have several gardens in various places all over their farm. It's like going to a flower museum.

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My parents search for flowers that have personality, and it takes a special eye to figure out where to put these flowers, and how to set the landscaping around them.

I love butterflies, so I love that they incorporate some of today's beautiful garden art work in their gardens, like this beautiful purple butterfly, whose wings flap in the wind. It looks so pretty, but on a windy day, which we have been having many this year, it almost comes to life.

If whimsical is your thing...just look at these flower! It's almost like someone was painting and splattered white paint splotches all over them.

Sometimes you just the little ones to band together. This is a stunning basket filled with tiny flowers living in harmony together.

My parents are both very creative. I'm not sure where they got this little red wagon, but they found a great place for it, and filled it with precious little flowers.

Purple? Yes. It is usually my favorite.

This year I saw this beautiful flowering plant on the side of my parents house. I'd never noticed it before but apparently it was planted last year, and this year bloomed. It is honeysuckle! Who knew!

Love the fairies? Me too. They watch over all of the peaceful gardens. But you'll not be able to find the fairy houses that were created by my Mom's drawings, and my dads hands. He brings her drawings to life by taking his creative mind to the wood working shed and creating anything she wants. He's so talented! Then they paint them these bright happy colors!

There is something about a lilly. I love lillies. All kinds...I can stare at them for hours. This year my Mom & Dad dug some of their perrenials up for me and I'm waiting for mine to bloom this year. I can't wait.