It's actually hard for me to believe that Minnesota is one of only 16 states that have laws protecting dogs left in hot cars; and believe me; I have to remember that this is the time of year when I have to be extra vigilant, as my dog loves to ride in the car everywhere; and I'm used to bringing her along, and then making a stop a grocery store or other location.

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According to BarkBox, although most people unintentionally leave their dog in a vehicle that is going to get hot while they run an errand,  it is our job as pet parents to remember how hot it can get in a car; and that time of year is upon us.

Here's what you need to know about hot cars.

  • Leaving a window open in a hot car, does not help much in cooling off the car. The vehicle can still get way to hot for your pet.
  • Even parked in the shade, temperatures can soar to dangerous levels in your car.

If the temperature outside is just 70, the temperature in 10 minutes inside your car can get to 89. In 30 minutes, the temperature inside the car can be 104.

Vehicle Temperature                                 10 minutes          30 minutes

75                                                               94                       109

80                                                               99                       114

85                                                               104                     119

90                                                               109                     124

95                                                               114                     129


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