Daylight Saving time starts this Sunday. This means, it'll stay light longer in the evening and you'll also lose an hour of sleep at 2 a.m. Sunday morning. There are some things you should do this weekend to prepare yourself for the spring ahead.

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1. Reset all of your clocks. Some of your devices will automatically adjust to the time you phone and smart devices and gadgets. But, your oven, microwave and car clock probably won't. So, reset those before you go to bed on Saturday to avoid confusion.

2. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. One of the worst things in the world is being woken up at 2 a.m. by a chirping smoke alarm that needs new batteries. Be proactive.

3. Check your carbon monoxide detectors too. There should be instructions on the device for how to properly do this.

4. You're supposed to flip your mattress. I've actually never done this. It helps the springs and the foam recover and bring it back to it's normal shape. It'll help extend its life.

5. Clean your furnace filters, AC vents and dryer vents. It's been a long winter. It's a good idea to give these a good cleaning.

6. Check your water heater for leaks. It's recommended you do this at least twice per year.

7. Restock your emergency and safety kits. Tornado and severe weather season is right around the corner.

8. Take down your holiday lights. It's time friends. Easter is right around the corner, so it's time to take down those Christmas lights.

9. Spring cleaning/clear out coat closet. It's officially time to put the big parkas and snow pants away and roll out the light spring jackets. Swap out your big snow boots for rainboots.

10. Reverse your ceiling fans. Oh, you didn't know you could do this? Your fan has two for winter and one for summer. Switch the setting to change how air circulates.

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