If you're not from central Minnesota, you  might not realize you're being offensive. There are definitely things you should shy away from saying to someone from central Minnesota. Here are 9 phrases you shouldn't use when talking to your central Minnie neighbor.

1. Don't ever say, "I don't like milk." Dude, you're in dairy land. If you don't like milk, keep it to yourself.

2. Don't ever tell someone, "I don't like Val's fries". They'll fight you over this. Those fries are super sacred.

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3. Don't ever call Holdingford "Holding-FURD". You're pronouncing it wrong and coming off pretty rude.

4. Don't call our small towns 'the boonies". We're proud of our small towns and where we come from. Every old building and home is rich in memories for us.

5. If you're not from here and you're throwing off a "city" vibe, don't ask what there is to do in St. Cloud. We've got plenty to do. Put your gavel away and stop judging us.

6. 'Stearns County Syndrome' isn't a thing. It's just offensive.

7. Don't say, "I like the Packers." You're in Vikings territory.

8. Don't tell someone "you sound Minnesotan'. You're implying they've got a thick Canadian sounding accent. We're sensitive about this.

9. Don't say, "you guys have your own Superman." People get very passionate about this.

10. Don't say, "don't you have a lot of crime in St. Cloud?" There have been several stories published about St. Cloud being the most dangerous city in Minnesota. But, that depends how you're measuring crime, what statistics you're looking at, what website you're checking, etc. Is there crime? Sure, there is everywhere in the world. Is St. Cloud the most dangerous place to live...no.

What other phrases do you think shouldn't be said around someone from central Minnesota? Comment them below!

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