I've never eaten the pizza at Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis, but according to Zagat, they have one of the standout pizzas in the state. When searching for unusual pizza, they were looking for something that connects to our culture. Sort of.

Zagat toured the U.S. to find regional specialties like white clam pie pizza in Connecticut. Or green chile pizza in New Mexico (that sounds great!)

Has someone come up with hotdish pizza? I'm sure it can be found somewhere. But the pie they found in Minneapolis is the Forager Pizza. It sort of pays homage to the Scandinavian part of Minnesota.

The Forager pizza is a wood-fired pie topped with mushrooms including crimini, shiitake and portabella. It also features truffle oil, tarragon, taleggio and fontina cheese. Maybe they didn't forage the woods of Minnesota for these ingredients, but perhaps if our ancestors made pizza, it would taste something like this. I'm willing to give it a try.

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