I took in my first ever Swoncert on Saturday Night at Mystic Lake.

The Swon Brothers opened for Sara Evans on Saturday night.  With the exception of The Voice I've never seen these two perform live and they did a pretty good job.

They were funny, making cracks at each other and they sang some really good tunes. One of them was a song called I Pray For You (or something close to that) and it was really uplifting.  We also heard some fun, summery songs that will be on their album.

The best part was the Eagles medley they did.  It gave fans an opportunity to interact with them and they nailed it.  That shouldn't be too much of a surprise given that one of their best Voice performances was an Eagles tune.

Overall, I thought their show was really good.  I think they'll be even better once their own music is out and they can really show the fans their personalities.