The Zac Brown Band has been together since 2002, they started recording music in 2004, and had their first single 'Chicken Fried' hit #1 on the country charts in 2008. Since then they have recorded and released numerous hits and have been nominated for their fair share of awards.

So with that in mind, you would think that sticking to music would be a good path to stay on for the Zac Brown Band...but Zac is already thinking about the future, and has some interesting ideas up his sleeve.

In 2004 Zac Brown and his father opened 'Zac's Place' - a music club and restaurant in Georgia. Zac has always had a passion for cooking, especially good old southern-style food. So much so in fact he actually has a cookbook out called 'Southern Ground'.

Zac thinks taking his love for cooking and his recipes to your home via his own cooking show is a definite possibility in the future.

Check out this video of Zac talking about his kitchen on wheels that travels with him when he's on the road.