Yes, you read that right. It's a Kitten Shower at the Tri-County Humane Society!

Tuesday, June 24th from 5-7pm, stop by for cake, refreshments and games. You'll be showered with information regarding the foster care program if you are interested, and the Tri-County Humane Society is hoping to be showered with gifts of kitten food and cat litter in return!

They are not hung up on certain brands, but they do prefer clay litter over clumping, and kitten food with a protein source as the first ingredient and no food coloring.  You can find a more complete wish list on, and monetary donations to cover veterinary bills are also appreciated!

They currently have 30 adult cats and 21 kittens available for adoption, and 108 cats in foster care - two of which are pregnant and will be adding to that number soon. To help with their growing need of kitten food and cat litter (you wouldn't believe how fast they go through them!) they are throwing a party like no other!

Hope to see you there! Thank Mew!