Yes, it's true.  That cute little summer purse you just bought or dug out of your closet is dirtier than a toilet seat.  Sure, you might be like me and you're careful not to set them on the ground or in places that are filthy but it doesn't matter.

A new study has revealed that those cute little (or in my case big) bags you carry on your shoulder are a gathering place for germs.  Here's a disgusting fact for you: about twenty percent of handbags have enough bacteria on them to be a health risk.  YUCK!

Oh yeah, and those bottles of hand lotion we keep in there?  Those attract the most and worst of germs.  Makeup such as such as mascara and lip balm come in second.

This makes sense since women take their purses everywhere.  The bathroom, the grocery store and restaurants to name a few.  If you're like me, you put your whole life in one too.  I've put food, bottled water, books, makeup and clothes in mine.

There is a bright side to all of this.  First, if your purse is made of a synthetic material it carries less germs than one that is made of leather.  Second, you can clean them with antibacterial wipes (be cautious of the ones with bleach so as not to discolor your purse.)

Now that I've discovered this, I am going to clean mine.  I bet you will too!