John Shear, a veteran of World War II, has worked at the Santa Anita racetrack for half a century.  He proved once again what a true hero is when he saved the life of a five year old girl.

The incident happened three years ago when a horse started racing toward the crowd. John warned people to move out of the way and that's when he noticed a little girl named Roxy.  He selflessly threw himself between her and the horse and, in all likelihood, saved her life.  John spent almost two months in the hospital recovering from injuries.  He has said he wouldn't do anything differently given the same situation.

Recently, the two were reunited and ABC caught up with them.  Check out the video of that day at the track and their reunion just a short time ago.



What John did was truly amazing and he's no doubt a hero to that little girl and her family, but to the entire country as well!