If you've ever wanted to slap someone after they've cheerily wished you Merry Christmas - you might want to continue reading.

Maybe you're coming out of a bad relationship, your family is filled with drama, you're broke, you hate winter, the list goes on.........

Here are some ways you really can beat the holiday blues!

1. Go to the library! Remember the library? What a great place! Spend some time there looking through those wonderful books. Then, take one home, make some hot chocolate and curl up with a stack of new reading material.

2. Help someone out! Do it however you'd like, but just be prepared to feel GREAT when you're done helping. All that positive energy is contagious, so pass it on once you find it!

3. Make your own traditions! Celebrate the holidays however you would like to celebrate. It's okay to come up with something new.

4. Get away! Just spend a day or a whole weekend exploring a new place!  If you are going somewhere tropical, call me. I'll go with you.