Work hard, climb the ladder, fight for that promotion! All things we've heard over and over again, but not necessarily what's best for YOU!  And everyone is different.  Experts have revealed 5 work rules you should break!


1. Stay Away From Emotional Topics. Not always true! Tiptoeing around conflict with a co-worker could cause your productivity to suffer. Get it out in the open and move on.

2. Climb The Career Ladder. Not everyone wants more responsibility and power. And that's okay. It doesn't mean you aren't great at what you do. It should be about what makes you happy at any particular point in your life.

3. Do What You Were Hired To Do. Instead, look at the bigger picture. If you can help out in other areas, jump in! It makes the boss happy to know you are capable of more than what they hired you for.

4. Live At The Office. How does that quote go? "No man on his deathbed ever said I wish I had spent more time at the office."  It's okay if your job is not your whole life. A well-rounded person will have passion about many things in life, and will make sure there is time each day to enjoy them.

5. Network All The Time. Walking into a party or work event and mingling with everyone while handing out your business card doesn't work, according to experts. Instead, take some time to make REAL connections with people.