For years Ronnie Dunn was one half of the very successful duo Brooks & Dunn. Kix Brooks and Ronnie decided to hang it up last year and go their separate ways after not being able to come to an agreement on which songs should appear on their next album.

You may say to yourself - well that's no reason to call it quits. Well, in the music world, it is important to agree on a project, otherwise, as an artist, you won't be proud of the project and it will show to the fans. This move was especially important with Kix and Ronnie. Most duos in music have known each other for years, grew up playing together or met and formed a common bond. Kix and Ronnie were actually paired together by their record label when someone at the label felt they would make a great duo.

Once they realized they had run their course as a duo and officially split, it was time for Ronnie to move on to his solo career. His first single to radio is Bleed Red and has seen success on the charts so far. Now Ronnie is setting up for his first solo tour. A brand new band, a brand new set and a brand new way of doing the thing he loves most - performing.

Ronnie will be making a stop in Yakima, Washington on July 21 at the Yakima Valley SunDome. We've teamed up with Taste Of Country to get you to the show AND go backstage to meet Ronnie! You and your guest will get round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, 2 tickets to the show AND go backstage to meet Mr. Dunn in person!

You have until June 30 to get signed up on our Facebook page! Like us to gain access, then enter your information and you may just be off to Washington this July for one of Ronnie's first shows as a solo artist!