Tonight is a big night for Scotty and Lauren on American Idol. This is the day they have been dreaming of for years and tonight one of their dreams will come true, one's dreams will be dashed. I say dashed because there can only be one American Idol.

Now that doesn't mean that we won't hear from tonight's loser. Both of them will wind up in country music. Both of them are already sitting on contracts to record an album so tonight's result is really just for the title of being THE American Idol.

Taste of Country has the songs that both of them sang last night. These are their original songs that have been released to radio.

Scotty McCreary's song is I Love You This Big. Lauren Alaina's song is Like My Mother Does. Click on the links to hear both songs and make your own prediction as to who will win tonight.

Here are the videos from last night's performances in case you missed them!

What do you think? Who is going to win tonight? Who has the better song? And most importantly, who did you vote for?