When we were kids we pretended lots of things. We were fire fighters, doctors, soldiers, even cowboys and Indians. So why can't you pretend to be a celebrity for the day? One guy did and it turned out to be hilarious!

Thomas and some friends went to a shopping mall and pretended that he was a big time celebrity. His posse escorted him through the mall and people were stopping him asking for autographs, taking pictures with him and even Tweeting that they had met him. The problem is, not one of these people actually knows who Thomas Elliot is.

Within a few minutes the mall had assigned security guards to Thomas and his friends, stores were shut down while Thomas shopped in privacy and young ladies swarmed them to get autographs and pictures. They even followed him all the way out of the mall to their car and offered up their phone numbers.

I know if I come across a celebrity, chances are I don't recognize them. They do look totally different in person than they do on camera. I was standing next to Jennifer Nettles once and had no clue who she was. She didn't have any makeup on and was wearing sweat pants. Nothing like any of the images I had seen of her. So for someone to THINK they know a celebrity isn't too far fetched.

The point behind all of this is, why not have a little harmless fun? No one was hurt. In fact, everyone I saw in the video was having the time of their lives. The only thing I can say is you might not want to hand your kid over to the first random stranger you meet in the mall - no matter what everyone else is saying about him.

Go ahead, pretend a little once in a while, have some fun - I know I will!