I had no idea, until Mom told the story. Knowing my Dad, it makes perfect sense. Here's how the tale has been told:

It must have been around 1960 or so when my dad, Warren Wear, along with his friend, Bud Anstadt, decided that our little town of Glyndon needed a Dairy Queen. So they drove to Fargo to meet with the man who could give them the franchise rights to build one.

If you've never been to Glyndon, it's right on Highway 10 between Detroit Lakes and Moorhead. Thousands of people from the Fargo-Moorhead area drive right through on their way to the lakes every weekend. Including the man that Warren and Bud were talking to.

So when Bud and Warren told him they wanted to build a Dairy Queen in Glyndon (the little town this man drove through every weekend) and the man said, "where the hell is Glyndon?"  -- it was all over.

Bud and Warren got up, walked out, probably cussed a little, and looked up the guy who would eventually give them the franchise rights for the TASTEE-FREEZ. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sadly, the original Tastee-Freez is no longer standing right along Highway 10, but it's still there, inside the convenience store. Next time you stop, have an ice cream cone and a chuckle over a couple of stubborn men who weren't about to give money to anyone who didn't know where Glyndon was.