Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married this weekend. Gossip websites and social media shoved it down our throats, as if we hadn’t seen enough of them on the tabloid covers at the grocery store. Here’s why I don’t care. 

Kim Kardashian became famous because she starred in a sex tape. I have no time or respect for women who allow themselves to be filmed like that, make millions of dollars off of it because that’s how your career was launched and then whine and complain about it. Kanye West is a famous rapper. Kanye is a narcissistic egotistical racist. I have no time or respect for that.

Kanye has been engaged three times. This is Kim’s third marriage. Her last marriage made it all of 72 days. REALLY?! I have no time or tolerance for individuals who make a spectacle of the sacrament of marriage.

Almost three million dollars was spent on the wedding. Do you know how much good could have been done in the world with that money? It makes me sick.

The New York Post made an announcement of the wedding, and they said it more perfectly than anyone. Read it HERE.