I sometimes like to try and do things myself, but sometimes I'm a five mile girl in a 10 mile world. I'm great at the start, but not so much with the finish. Especially with at home pedicures.

I was always afraid of getting a pedicure because I have extremely ticklish feet and I'm not real big on other people touching my feet anyway, so I thought, "You can do this yourself and save a bunch of money."

I looked up "How to Do An At Home Pedicure" and a wikihow page came up. It outlined the supplies one needs, how to remove any existing nail polish, how to clip your nails, how to prep your cuticles, how to smooth out your feet, how to soften your skin, how to prep for polish, how to apply the polish, how to properly finish and how long to dry them.


I got through most of the steps, but when it came time to apply the polish, I put the first coat on and thought I had let it dry long enough before I applied the second coat, but nope. I just ended up with smeared polish and nail color everywhere, so I took it all off and went to the nail salon, which was what I should have done in the first place.

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