It's National Teacher Day and there are a few teachers I had that really made an impact.

You probably can't name the last five Super Bowl winners, or the last five Best Picture Oscar winners, or the last five World Series Champions, but I bet you can name at least five teachers you had that made an impact on you, or at least left a lasting impression.

I had Mrs. Ferminick and Mrs. Pickar for preschool. They gave us graham crackers and apple juice for snacks! Ms. Plefke was my kindergarten teacher. She played the piano and gave us marbles when we were good. Then when the marble jar was full, we had a marble party with pizza.

Mrs. Chelsvig was my first grade teacher. In first grade, I was a very awkward six year old with a bowl cut, missing teeth and big brown glasses. Only a mother could love a face like that, but Mrs. Chelsvig did. She loved all of us. At that point in life, I thought that The Cosby Show was real and that teachers going to homes for supper was a regular occurrence, so I invited Mrs. Chelsvig to our house for supper and then to my dance recital later that evening at the high school auditorium. She called my house and I got in trouble for inviting her over for supper, but she did come to my dance recital and I will never forget that. The last day of first grade I cried myself to sleep because I missed her. She's in her 80's now and she actually lives right next door to my aunt and uncle.

Mrs. Gee was my second grade teacher. She broke her foot and was in a cast for a long time. Mrs. Vujovich was my third grade teacher. She gave me a D in math. Mrs. Reynolds was my fourth grade teacher and she really helped sharpen my writing skills and spelling acumen. It's probably the reason I still love to write. Mr. Ferminick was my fifth grade teacher and I thought it was so cool that his wife was my preschool teacher. I had Mr. Latterel for sixth grade. He had a perm and a mustache, but he was OK. He taught me about news and current events.

There were many others along the way including my junior high English teacher Mr. Wensman who knew I could do better and pushed me all the time and Mr. McLaughlin who was lovingly known by everyone as "Mr. M." I had him for art from 7th grade all the way to my senior year. He just retired recently, but to any former South St. Paul High School students, he will likely not be forgotten.

Who is your favorite teacher?