It’s the first day of school for many central Minnesota students–and in honor of the special day (parent's holiday) we’re breaking down the politics of the school bus.In addition to picking out your outfit today, you'll also be forced to choose where you're going to sit. And, because we're creatures of habit, you'll probably end up sitting here all year. Here's what your spot is going to say about you, whether it's true or not!

Front–You're a good kid who turns your homework in on time. You're afraid of many things in life, like biking without a helmet, walking with scissors, eating grapes that haven't been properly cut up first and going to school without your parents. That's why you sit very close to the authority on the bus! Maybe this year, you could branch out a little bit and get out of your comfort zone!

Middle–This is where all of the in between-ers sit. They are just trying to get to school with as little drama as possible. They are risk takers but they also realize their limits. They still fear being grounded and what their parents will think of them even though they’ll never admit to it. The middle section was always a good place to be.

Back–You know how they say, “nothing good happens after Midnight?” Well, that same theory applies to the school bus. Nothing good ever happens in the back of the school bus. This is where the “bad kids” usually hang out. They are the kids that don’t have their homework done and maybe even sneak chew. At least, that happened when I was in school. Don’t think you’re being sneaky, the bus driver knows what’s up.

Where did/do you sit on the school bus? Let’s take a moment to appreciate bus drivers everywhere today for having to put up with all of our crazy personalities!