Rumors are flying around that Norv Turner didn't actually resign, he was asked to leave due to 2 Vikings losses in a row. So why is Blair Walsh still losing us games?

If you watched the post game show on Fox 9, you may have heard that there's speculation that Norv Turner was told to leave by Mike Zimmer, and it would be said to the public that he resigned. It's likely that nobody will ever know unless Norv Turner comes out and says it.

If that's really the case, because of 2 losses in a row, then why in the world haven't the Vikings traded or fired Blair Walsh?

You can argue that the entire team should be putting up more points and not relying on Walsh to give us points, but the bottom line is that it's the job of the kicker to put the ball through the uprights no matter what. He cost us the playoff game last year, is averaging 3 for 4 this year, and cost us the last game with the extra point that would have given us the win. I've personally had enough, and everybody I know feels the same way.