My friend told me a story that absolutely blew my mind.

My friend and I both think it's really rude to be on the phone when you're in line at the store. This coming from me, the girl that struggles to put her phone down all the time.  Seriously though, you can put your phone down for two minutes while you pay.  If not, that's really sad.

Anyway, she was a that the salon the other day getting her hair done.  Like me, she's had the same stylist for years and when I go, it's like catching up with a friend.  I want to know what's up with her and her family.  We gossip and have fun for those 45 minutes.

I'm getting off track, there was this other lady in the salon with her who was also getting her hair done and midway through she answers her phone.  Okay, I can see if it's really important you might answer and tell whoever it is that you have to call them back.  Oh no, not this woman.  She proceeded to have a full blown conversation.

I might be totally off base, but I go to the salon to relax.  Someone is taking care of my hair and I don't have to focus on anything but that.  We might gossip, but it's still drama free.

What's something people do that you find extremely rude?