Over the weekend I was cleaning up the house and ran across a box I hadn't looked in since I moved into the house last year. I found one of my all time favorite albums in there.


The Wreckers, short for The Home Wreckers, are Jessica Harp and Michelle Branch. These two ladies teamed up and released Stand Still, Look Pretty back in 2006. Michelle was a pop star, Jessica was a close friend and Michelle's backup singer. The two decided to write and record an album together and I am so happy they did. The only problem is, I want more and I'm not sure if I will ever get it.

I can honestly say that this album is one I have played over and over and over. From beginning to end, it is just an amazing album. I have recommended it many times to friends and listeners who have all fallen in love with it. And it's not hard to enjoy.

Jessica and Michelle bring the most amazing harmonies from two female voices that I have ever heard. When this album was released, it was fresh, it was exciting, it was fun - and it still is today. Michelle and Jessica toured together for a little bit to promote the album, then they each tried to do a solo album. Those solo paths didn't pan out and now who knows if we'll get another Wreckers album.

You probably know their big chart-topping hit, Leave The Pieces. I want you to explore some of the other amazing songs on this album. I've included the videos and audio below. Trust me, get Stand Still, Look Pretty, pour a glass of wine and kick back and relax to some incredible music.