Last week I revealed that I was listening to the alternative pop group Fun. This week we take a look at the British folk rock group Mumford & Sons.

When I first heard Mumford & Sons, I knew they were from the European Isles just because of the sound. I immediately had to find out more about them. Turns out they are from Britain and have all the influences of Ireland coming through their songs.

I will warn you, the language in some of their songs could offend some people. If you can get past a little R rated language, you are going to find some incredible music inside their Sigh No More album.

The first song I heard was Little Lion Man. It starts off with some really awesome guitar licks, then the banjo and the drums come in, add the bass and you've got the makings of a great bluegrass band. Just the pure sound of this song takes me to my Irish roots and makes me think of something I would hear at the Irish Festival in Manhattan.


The next song I gravitated towards from them was The Cave. I think the biggest thing for me is their sound is just so different from everything out there. I may not understand their lyrics all the time, but there are a lot of songs out there that I don't understand and sing right along with anyway. The sound is what always attracts me to a song first.


Another big thing for me is when a band is able to carry themselves acoustically. Mumford & Sons can handle that task as well. In this clip from their Bookshop Sessions, they take on another of my favorites, White Blank Page.


I have downloaded the Sigh No More album and listen to it regularly. That's what's in my iPod this week. Hopefully you have discovered some new music that you might have otherwise overlooked!