If you're the grill-master at your house, there's some common mistakes you need to watch out for or risk being ridiculed by your friends and neighbors.Thanks to our friends at Buzzfeed.com we have a listen that will save your bacon.  Write these down, print them off and for the love of God don't make any of them.

-Not Buying Enough Meat. Some people underestimate how much they need for a good-sized burger. For the record, it's six ounces.  If you run short you could cause a riot or lose some friends for life.

-Buying Hamburger That's Too Lean. Most people tend to like burgers that are 80% lean and 20% fat. Any lower, and they won't have enough flavor.  And nobody cares about your low-fat meat at a barbecue, next you'll be using low-fat miracle whip or something ridiculous.

-Over-Handling the Meat. The more you handle it and mash it together, the less tender.  Did your mother ever told you not the play with the meat too much?

-Buying Big Buns, but Making Tiny Burgers. Meaning they don't match up, so you're left with a ball of meat in the middle of way too much bun, and that is just unacceptable, you might as well hand over your apron at this point.

-Pressing the Patties with a Spatula While They Cook. All it does is drain the juices and dry it out, which means less taste. Yes it does drain some fat off, but if you're chowing down on a burger you're probably not that worried about your waistline.

-Adding the Cheese Too Soon. There's no reason to add it until the very end . . . about two minutes before you want to pull the burgers off. Any earlier than that, and you'll end up with cheese all over the grill, and to put it bluntly, that sucks.

-Shutting the Lid to Speed Things Up. Burgers should only take about 10 minutes anyway. Four minutes per side, then you flip it one more time, add cheese, and wait two more minutes. Shutting the lid does speed things up but you could add a charred smokey taste to the burgers... wait, what's the problem here.

In conclusion, grilling is a way of life and almost a religion that should be kept sacred and respected.  Don't risk the embarrassment of being "that person" who screwed up the barbecue.  Follow these rule and "grill on"!