It feels like Spring! And we all know that when it warms up after a brutal cold spell in Minnesota, people around here start to do some crazy things! Here are just a few things you'll see in the coming days. Feel free to add to the list!

1. Shorts and flip-flops. Pete was way ahead of everyone with this by wearing his flip flops yesterday (crazy) but you can be sure there will at least a handful of college students in the same attire this weekend.

2. Get out the grill! Some of us grill year 'round, no matter what the temp. But it's certain that more Minnesotans will be firing up the grill this weekend.

3. Go for a walk! Oh the things we take for granted. Like walking outside. There were a few hardy souls who walked to their destinations this past week, but most of us drove (or stayed home). You'll see people out for leisurely walks and runs like crazy this weekend.

What else do we do in Minnesota when the thermometer hits 30? Let us know!