If you still have money left over after Christmas, or your Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket, here are a few things you should be buying before the end of the month.


Are you looking to spruce up your bedroom or the guest bedroom? White sales are all over the place right now. Of course, you don't just have to buy white sheets. White sale is just a generic term. You'll find discounts on all different colors. Took me a while to grasp that. Sheets, quilts, and comforters are all on sale this month. Once the bedroom gets a makeover, you'll have to do the bathroom, too and thankfully, bath towels, wash cloths and hand towels are on sale as well. You're supposed to replace your pillow every year, and what better way to start off the new year than with a new pillow?


The field is set for the Super Bowl and hockey is back, so if you're thinking of upgrading your TV, now is the time to do it. Earlier this month, retailers unveiled the new crop of televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show, so the older models are on sale. If you don't mind last year's technology, you can really score a deal. If you have a family vacation coming up and need a new digital camera, those are on sale, as are camcorders. Need new equipment to watch your movies on? Home theater systems including DVD and Blu Ray players are discounted as well.


Are you working from home or want a new space to work? Some assembly required furniture including desks are on sale right now. So are reclining chairs and media storage cabinets. That's because new models for furniture are unveiled in February and retailers are looking to make room for the new inventory.  Yes, we're under a wind chill warning today, but patio furniture and grills are on sale this month, so if you needed a new grill for Father's Day, buy now in the off season and hide it somewhere until June. If you wait, the price goes up.

Exercise Equipment

Retailers know that January is the month many of us (myself included) make resolutions to get healthy or lose weight so they put their home exercise equipment on sale. Buyers can find discounts on treadmills, weight training machines, rowers and elliptical machines. They know you're also going to need accessories so you can also find yoga mats, water bottles, exercise clothing, pedometers, gym bags and gym shoes all on sale.

Christmas Leftovers

Bargain hunters like myself can find great deals on all sorts of Christmas related things like ribbons, bows, tags and wrapping paper to be stashed away for next Christmas. Better yet, wrapping paper in colors like red, green, silver and white can be used any time of the year. Red for Valentine's Day, green for Father's Day, silver and white for a wedding. Winter boots, hats, scarves and mittens can also be found on sale as retailers get ready to unveil swimsuits, flip flops and beach towels if they haven't already.