I'm getting my engagement photos taken this weekend--we're cutting it kind of close. Even though we're about 3 months away from the wedding date, we're planning to use our engagement photos on our wedding invitations. So, it's go time.

I'm really not very good at decorating or design. I have absolutely no clue what you're supposed to wear or how you should dress in your engagement photos.

Are you supposed to wear your wedding colors? Are you supposed to match your outfit to your fiance's outfit? Are you supposed to dress more formal? Is it supposed to be a casual thing to show off your personalities? What colors are you supposed to stay away from? Why isn't there some kind of book out there to explain this stuff to people like me? There actually probably is, I just have no idea where to look.

Do you see my dilemma? I have no clue what you're supposed to do. My fiance keeps asking me for advice as to what he should wear, and my answer has been "I honestly have no clue what I'm even going to wear yet."

So, I'm in need of some help from you wedding veterans. What are you supposed to wear for engagement photos?