I got suckered in to another one of those quizzes. I've had a lot of nicknames in the past, but lets just see what this one thinks. 

My legal given name is Jennifer. I've been given the name "Jenny Benny", "Jenny Bean", "Jen Jen", "Jen", "Fer", "Niffer", and "Fer Face" just to name a few.

As I was perusing Facebook, several of my friends have taken this quiz called "What Should Be Your Nickname?" and I got suckered in.

One of the questions is "What kind of nickname do you want?" and the options are "Cute" and "Bad a**" At first I chose cute and they gave me "Dumplin'" which, no. So, I went back and retook it and asked for a bad a** nickname and they gave me "Captain" which I can live with!