Over the next week, I will be enjoying some well deserved time off! And during that time, My boyfriend Dustin and I have planned a 2 night, 3 day trip to Duluth, Minnesota! Got any great suggestions on what we should do while we are there? Let me know!

I have NEVER spent time in Duluth Minnesota before! I am beyond excited to get to check out one of the most beautiful cities Minnesota has to offer. But, since I have only ever driven through, I have no idea what Dustin and I are going to do to fill our time while we are visiting! Thankfully, my parents just took a similar trip to the Great Lake city, and have given me some ideas on what we should look into.

But, I know I can always trust my Central Minnesotans to know the best things to do in our great state! So, let me know what Dustin and I should do in Duluth while we are on vacation!