Are there any restaurants you used to visit often and loved, that are no longer around? We want to know. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

A co-worker and I grabbed some lunch today in St. Cloud and got to talking about places that we used to love and are not around any longer. My taste buds watered the moment I thought about my old favorite places, so it got me I the only one who loved these old restaurants?

Here's my list:

Pannekoeken Huis - We used to go there every Sunday in Bloomington when I was a kid. I loved the 'bacon pannekoeken' and how the waitresses would run through the dining area yelling "pannekoeken!!!" to get it to your table before it deflated. They all closed down some time ago, but I've been told there's 1 out there in Minnesota in St. Louis Park. I'm totally making a special trip there to see if it's the same.

Chi Chi's - I love mexican food and Chi Chi's was one of my go-to's weekly. It's where I had my 1st legal drink as well! There was something about their fajitas that I couldn't resist. They still have locations in other states, but no longer in Minnesota.

Krispy Kreme - When they came to Minnesota there was a massive craze for their donuts. You had to wait in a line down the block to get some of their fresh baked donuts. They melted in your mouth and were like no other. They aren't good on the waist line, but worth every bite. They were gone almost as quick as they came. What I would do for just 1 fresh original glazed Krispy Kreme donut.

Be sure and comment below, or on our Facebook and let me know what your long gone favorites are.