Ask my mom, I'm not much for cleaning.  When I'm in the mood to clean I rock at it but I will be honest, that doesn't happen too often.

I really don't like to clean.  If I had my choice, I would have a maid most of the time. The reason is simply because it's boring.  The chore that I dislike doing the most is the dishes.  Ugh, lame!  It's not hard, it's just time consuming and not fun.  I know, not everything in life is fun but still, that is abnormally un-fun.  (I'm not sure if that's a word but is now!)

Every once in a while I get motivated and then I can clean like nobody's business but that doesn't happen very often.  Usually I clean when I get mad and it's way for me to take it out on the counters or the floor rather than freaking out on someone.

What household chore do you dislike doing the most?