One thing I always wanted to learn to do is play the drums. Any instrument would be cool to know how to play, but the drums have always caught my attention more than others... the most musical talent I posses is hitting "PLAY" to get on your country music.

I probably had the time to learn and take band while in high school, but as a teenager, all I wanted to was play sports and that's what I did. I put the drums, piano and guitar on hold and they have just been sitting on hold since... maybe I should give it a go now?

The crazy looking guy in the above picture is Tyler from Maiden Dixie... I wonder if I ask him really REALLY nicely, maybe he can teach me?

I'll ask him this Friday night when I head to the Median Entertainment Center to watch one of the most fun, LOCAL bands on the stage today.

What's one thing you wish you would have learned growing up?