So, summer is officially here. This is how I spent the first weekend. 


I am a huge fan of summer. It's my favorite season, so when we have great weather like we did over the weekend, Glen and I decided that it should be illegal to stay inside.

We had some friends over for a barbecue lunch with their kids on Saturday afternoon. We ran through the sprinklers, ate too much and laughed a lot. After they left and everything was cleaned up, Glen and I had nothing but time on our hands, so we cleaned up our bicycles and took a look at our fishing equipment.

We were going to go on a bike ride, but my back tire was wonky and it needs a new seat. Then we spread out the fishing stuff and looked it over.

We had rods and reels and everything needed a little work, but we managed to get one of the fishing poles working and we headed to a local fishing spot. We watched one guy pull out a small mouth bass and four sunfish, but we got skunked, so we drove around and found another fishing spot. We watched one girl pull out a small mouth bass and some crappies, but we got skunked, so we headed home and had a bonfire.

Sunday, we got up and went to mass and then I was really anxious to get back out on the water, so we scouted out some other fishing spots and struck gold. We were pulling in sunnies and crappies left and right. We fished and fished and fished and fished and fished until it was almost too dark to see and then we headed home. I may or may not have prayed for a productive day for fishing earlier in the day.

I was so tired and I got so sunburned, but that's how I spent my first days of summer.

What did you do?