Super Bowl XLVIII will be played February 2nd in New Jersey. MetLife Stadium is an outdoor venue. That means anything could happen. I was curious, so I checked the 10 day forecast for New York City, just across the river. I know that things will most certainly change as far as the forecast goes when you're looking 10 days out, but here's what I found. 35 for the high and a chance of snow.

Not bad. For Minnesotans, that's a walk in the park. In the Spring.

According to, Eric Grubman, Vice President of Business Operations for the NFL says they've made contingency plans for just about anything the weather can throw at them, and the plan is still to kick the game off at 6:30 EST on Sunday the 2nd.

But, "If that is impossible for whatever set of reasons, whatever set of weather conditions or states of emergencies or whatever, we have contingency plans to move it earlier in the day, later in the day, earlier in the week, later in the week. So we can play the game Friday, Saturday, Sunday, just about any time. We can play the game Monday."

It would be so much more fun to watch what happens if a crazy blizzard hit New Jersey that weekend. We'll see. I'll be asleep half-way through the game either way.