Sometimes I wish I were rich because I would want Taylor Swift to come play my birthday party. I thought maybe I could just write a nice letter and she'd come, but nope. You won't believe how much it costs to have some artists come and play for you. 

I'm having a birthday party this summer at my house and I would love for Taylor Swift to come by and say hi, talk about boys and compare our red lipstick collections, but did you know that it costs a million dollars for Taylor Swift to come over to your house? Now, I don't know if that includes her picking up my beat up old guitar that I've had for 20 years and singing Picture to Burn, but if I had a million dollars, we could at least talk. I think if I throw in food, Diet Coke and a piece of my mama's devils' food cake, I could persuade her. That's some good cake.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Jason Aldean are all fantastic artists and I'd love to meet any one of them, but they don't get out of bed for less that $500 thousand. My husband would love to meet Carrie Underwood and I know Keith Urban would be a nice draw for the party, but they both cost $400 thousand. So does Rascal Flatts. Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan, and Zac Brown Band will come over for a paltry sum of $250 thousand.

See how much everyone else costs by clicking HERE.

How much would you pay for your favorite artist to come play at your birthday party?