So you've got a herd of frozen cows, what do you do with them? It sounds like a bad joke, but it is a reality for the U.S. Forest Service in Aspen, Colorado.

A couple of weeks ago two Air Force Academy Cadets were on a snowshoe hike and discovered six frozen cows inside an old ranger cabin. They had planned on staying the night in the cabin, but changed their plans when they found dead cows outside the cabin and more inside.

It is assumed that these cows were strays from a nearby herd that had sought shelter inside the cabin during the first snowstorm of the year. With the Spring thaw coming on quickly, forest service officials have to figure out what to do with all this beef.

They could send them out via helicopter, but that would cost too much money. They could burn down the cabin with them inside, then haul it all off - but that too is too expensive and not permitted on the preserved trail. So how are they going to clean this mess up?

Believe it or not, they want to BLOW  UP the cabin and break these frozen bovine into small pieces that they can actually move. Really? That is the best solution? Blow up the frozen cows? Somehow I have a feeling PETA is going to have something to say about this.

I say the beef has been frozen, we all grab our grills, a couple of butchers, a truck load of beer and have the biggest BBQ in Colorado history!