There are some people in this world who NEVER get sunburned.

Then again, lots of people ALWAYS get sunburned. (Like me..)

Yesterday, I got to enjoy a day out with my coworkers catching some fish up in Brainerd MN. And, like always, I got fried. Yes, I put on LOTS of sunscreen, but the sun's powerful rays won this battle. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who went home a little redder than before.

But in all honesty, I get sunburned all the time. So, with my many years of sunburned summers, I have learned that Aloe Vera gel is my best friend (and also stops me from peeling). But lots of people have their own ways of making their sunburn just a little less miserable.

Take the poll below (or, enter your own suggestion) and let us know how central Minnesotan's relieve their sunburn.