Cindy and I have a pair of 2-day passes to this weekend's Moondance Jammin' Country Fest in Walker, MN -- featuring Hunter Hayes, Justin Moore, Joe Nichols, Rodney Atkins, Jon Pardi, and more. Want to trade your Father's Day present for these passes? Let us know whatcha got to offer at 320-252-9897.

Give us a call and let us what Father's Day gift you got yesterday, that you'd be willing to trade us for these two-day passes. Something full of love from your wife? Something your kids poured their hearts into? A tie, t-shirt, or coffee mug? Let us know.

At the end of the morning, Cindy and I will decide which offer we want -- and we'll make the trade. Simple as that.

Here are the offers that have come in so far this morning:

  1. TONY:  Portable grill set.
  2. STEVE:  Card with intimate coupons.
  3. DWIGHT:  Roll of sandpaper (to be used as toilet paper).