Technology of today has given us great advancements in communicating with each other. Sometimes this is a great thing, sometimes it's not so great. Remember what we did before YouTube? Take a peek at this video and you'll instantly remember.

We spend countless hours on YouTube every year watching the craziest, funniest and weirdest videos ever. Before YouTube we weren't able to become an internet sensation just by having all our friends "like" a video. We actually had to get the video of ourselves singing into the hands of the people at America's Funniest Home Videos.

Fortunately we can now take those old VHS tapes, convert them to digital and upload all those wonderful and embarrassing moments to the internet for everyone to see and enjoy.

I just wonder if this guy realizes that this was a bad idea to post this video? Maybe, just maybe it was payback for something he did. In that case, it was the perfect way to torture someone. Enjoy!