When I was a kid, I used to hear all kinds of stories that usually started out with "back in my day."  Looking back I chuckle at the fact that my dad supposedly walked to school uphill both ways in the snow and I've heard all about the taboo subjects that get talked about in day to day conversation today but were considered vulgar way back.  Have you ever thought about the stories you'll end up telling your own grandchildren?

Yes, you'll have those stories and you're going to get the same perplexed expression from them that you gave your parents and grandparent.  Think about how much has changed -- radio was huge for my grandparents, television for my parents and computers and smartphones for us.

Me, I remember a time before cell phones and computers and I think about what it will be like to explain to generations who don't know of a time without those things. Remember pay phones?  I remember a time when gas was crazy cheap and there was no such thing as auto start.

Not only will it be weird to talk about a time without all the gadgets that we have and take for granted, but it will be crazy to see what new technology is out there.  I show my parents things about their phones and the computer, but what will my kids and grandchildren be showing me how to do?

I'm getting a little off topic -- what 'back in my day' stories will you share with your grandchildren?