We got an email from our boss this morning asking us to take a look at a video in our downtime.

The video is about taking the time to appreciate even the simplest things.  The weather, the colors that surround you, the fact that you've been given the gift of being here another day and so many more things that we take for granted.

One of the comments on the video asked what people were grateful for and it got me thinking about the things I forget to appreciate on a daily basis.  I'm grateful to get to hang out here for another day.  I'm grateful that I get to come to a job that I love, I get to work with fun people and I have the most amazing family and friends. I'm grateful for mornings like those pictured above and after this winter, I promise to enjoy every single one like it!   I don't say it enough, but I'm grateful for all of that and so much more.

What are you grateful for?