Easter is my absolute favorite holiday. Yes, even over Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday. It's crazy, right?

Easter has always been my favorite because you know spring is coming and my family did a lot of really cool things.

First, we'd decorate eggs. When that happened you knew Easter was getting close and we had so much fun with it. My eggs never turned out like the picture on the box but they were still so pretty.

The Easter Bunny was always good to us, which probably helped develop my love of chocolate. One year my basket was hidden on the top shelf of my closet and a ladder was placed in there as well. So not only did I find my basket but there were also bunny footprints. That's huge when you're a kid!

Then there was the get together with my dad's family and that meant an Easter egg hunt. There was the possibility of scoring more candy and money. It was so much fun and it's cool to see my younger cousins and my cousin's children doing the egg hunt now.

Darn! I want to go back to being a kid again! What are some of your Easter traditions?