Friday night Ashli ties the knot with our Sports Director, Dave Overlund. This morning is her last with us before the big day; and the show is dedicated to (wanted or unwanted) marriage advice -- from you, me, and other members of 98.1 Nation. Share yours, and see it all here as it rolls in.

The good, the bad, the ugly (some serious, and some just plain funny):

  • ME (Pete):  Life gets busy, but ever stop going on dates.
  • Corrine:  Spend as much time planning for your marriage as you do planning your wedding day.
  • Judy:  Pick you battles.
  • Larry:  Nobody's perfect. We all have faults and we need to be able to work around them.
  • Marie:  Marriage isn't always easy. Remember that sometimes love is a feeling, and sometimes it's a choice.
  • Carly:  Marriage takes work and compromise on both sides.
  • Sharron:  Marriage is 50/50, you gotta give and take.
  • Donny:  Don't go to bed mad.
  • Judy:  Deal with fights and move on quickly (and always have fun together.)
  • Dale:  Don't argue when you're mad. Take a time out, then discuss when things have cooled down.
  • Heidi:  Never say "I'm sorry, but..." (The 'buts' cancel out the apology.
  • Scott:  Train your husband that the only two words he needs to know are, 'Yes dear.'
  • Melissa:  Remember you were best friends before you became boyfriend and girl friend. If you approach things this way you are more likely to see both sides of things.
  • Darlene:  Always remember who you are do not try to be someone else or change for someone. Dave fell in love with you, not who he wants you to be.
  • Tina:  Always be truthful to each other.
  • Tammy:  Remember you are two individuals that chose to spend your lives together. You will not agree on everything.