Don't let "Woody" and "Slinky Dog" fool you. This place was haunted.

This past Saturday, October 26, some friends and I headed out to "Molitor's Haunted Acres". I had never been there before but was told this place has a HUGE attraction. They weren't kidding.

We had a group of 10-people and we waited in line for about two-and-a-half, maybe three-hours before we jumped on the first part of this huge plot of haunted land.

When we finally did get to the front of the line, we all climbed aboard a haunted hay ride, best part of the night in my opinion. There is something about going through the woods at night and people coming out of the wood work that freaks me out more than a haunted house. As we're on this haunted hay ride, a buddy named Rob and his girlfriend, Rachel, were sitting at the front of the wagon. So when things seemed calm on the haunted ride, I stood up and walked very quietly to the front where I came about five-inches from Rachel's face and in a very demonic voice said, "RACHEL"!!!! I thought that was funny, so did Rob... but Rachel had the last laugh PUNCHING ME IN THE NOSE.

I'm sure it was just a reaction and she didn't mean to... right?

Anyway, along the hay ride, the scariest part (SPOILER ALERT) for me was when one guy came out of the woods swinging a chainsaw and then proceeded to jump on the wagon and run the blade-less tool up and down your legs and arms. That freaked me out a little. Ok, a lot.

The rest of the haunted house was pretty good, but let me suggest going in groups of two or three, not four or five while going single file and holding hands. It takes the scare out of the haunted house. The person at the front of our line would freak out and then everybody laughed cause we were no where near the front where the spook came from.

Or it could have been most of the ghost were scared off by the guys below. Who you gonna call?

Matt Fallon