First of all, thank you Katie, for the fantastic picture. I'm sure you hit ever note in the song! Now, on to YOUR guilty pleasure.

We all love listening to 98 Country, it's country all the time! But, every once in a while, you might be driving somewhere and flipping through the stations and here a song that reminds you of high school or your first relationship/breakup... something significant in your or maybe a song comes on that you just can't sit still to.

I have a couple guilty pleasures, that some people may find to be a little weird. I have a thing for Katy Perry, I don't know if it's her music as much as it is just... Katy Perry, but when she comes on... Yes, I listen and maybe even sing a long. The good news is, I have a fiance who also likes Katy Perry, so it's not too weird if my guy friends see Katy Perry albums laying around my house. Or is it?

My other guilty pleasure is Eminem. I think this one stems back to high school. That's when Eminem to the world by storm and I was in that "hip-hop stage" of my life... I guess it hasn't completely passed.

What is your guilty pleasure song when nobody is around?

Oh... yeah, I'm pretty sure it's more Katy Perry than her music. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

flickr/Liam Mendes